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Towards a more sustainable interior design industry
​through researches and experimental design practice




​the glass nursery

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​designing for tiny living

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​visualising tiny living

practice report

how can designers use interactive visualisation to challenge stereotypes of 'tiny living', making it more appealing to the 18-24 age group in the uk?



Introducing Designs By Sophie Le: I am Sophie Le, a Vietnamese-born graphic designer with a background in marketing. In 2019, I launched Home Decor by SNL, promoting Vietnam-inspired home decor and lifestyle products. Alongside this venture, I also offer bespoke interior design consulting services.

My creative ethos revolves around sustainable practices within the interior design landscape. I'm deeply passionate about exploring innovative materials that champion circularity in design. From investigating the potential of glass, recycled paper, to recycled plastic in spatial design, my research extends to optimising furniture functionality and space utilisation in our daily lives.

One of my first experimental design practice during my Masters involves a future home built and furnished with glass, envisaging a world where traditional resources like timber are scarce. This inspired further ideas of home decor pieces and lighting fixtures made from paper pulp, discovering the overlooked potential of recycling paper in our everyday lives. This exploration further evolved into the concept of a recycled plastic home, where furnishings can be continuously reshaped and reused, following the idea of design circularity. My latest research looked into the concept of minimalism and 'tiny living' and designing for a future where living space is a scarcity - a resource that we all need to be frugal with.

My design journey has guided me towards recognising interior designers' bigger mission: that is to reshape our users' mindset through consumer-centric design, particularly in the hope to drive the industry towards more sustainable goals. 



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