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Supporting sustainable interior design
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​the glass nursery

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​designing for tiny living

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​visualising tiny living

practice report

how can designers use interactive visualisation to challenge stereotypes of 'tiny living', making it more appealing to the 18-24 age group in the uk?



About Designs By Sophie Le: I am a Vietnamese born graphic designer who has worked for various branding and marketing agencies since 2014. I created my brand of Vietnam-inspired home decor and lifestyle products in 2019 and alongside this business, I also offer interior design consultancy service. 


My research and design practice centers around the future of sustainability within the interior design industry. My interest lies in exploring the possibility of using alternative materials in furniture and interior design that allow for circularity. While investigating the use of glass, recycled paper and recycled plastic in spatial design, my research has spanned to designing for the optimisation of furniture and space usage in users' daily lives.


At the start of my Masters, I created the idea of a future home made from glass as a way to demonstrate how our interior design industry would cope with the depletion of natural resources in the future, one as important as timber. I went onto making a few home decor items and a lamp from recycled paper pulp, in order to evidence the use of recycled paper as a possible source of material and how often we overlook recycling in our daily lives. This has led me to the development of a recycled plastic home where furnishings made out of recycled plastic can be melted and moulded many times over the years to create new items in the home. And while I was researching into spatial design and how much space do we need for comfort, I experimented with designing for a realistic future home where space has become a scarcity. 


My design journey has guided me towards recognising interior designers' bigger mission that is to reshape users' mindset through consumer-centric design, particularly in the hope to drive the industry towards more sustainable goals. 



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